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When Each Do Their Part


God gives gifts

to strengthen and build,

His plan for His church

to know His will.


He gives teachers and preachers

and singers and poets

for the spreading of truth

in their way to show it.


Men and women

will sit at His feet

to learn from Him

what they might speak.


He gives helpers and givers

and encouragers too;

there are those who pray

and care and do.


All works together

when He’s in command

and all do their part

as He had planned.


Whatever your strength,

do all to know it.

It’s a God given gift

for His church to grow it.


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Jeremiah 3, 4


How long will we break the heart of God?  We have forsaken Him and gone after our own interests.  Patiently He waits, longing for us to come to our senses and return to Him, but we do not.  If only we would, He would gladly hold off His judgments, He would gladly treat us as sons.


Call after call rings out in an attempt to save His people from the disaster that is about to befall them.  He knows how terrible it will be.  He hopes to not have to do it.  It is really in our hands.


There is no way I can conclude from reading the book of Jeremiah, that God has declared His intent to send judgment.  But due to the timeless nature of His word, there are some things I can conclude.  We have forsaken Him as His people in Jeremiah’s time had.  He hopes that we will return to Him and gives us opportunity to do so.  We mistake His patience for His approval and see no need of repenting.  Eventually His patience runs out.


Surely we are on the same path as His people from years ago.  Though there is no way to know where along the path we are, we can learn from it that though at some point His patience will run out, for now He is giving us time; time to consider our ways in light of His ways; time to take advantage of His mercy and His willingness to pardon.   

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