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Imtations of Life


Jeremiah 10


There is a lifestyle today that has been shaped by ‘craftsmen’.  ‘They adorn it with silver and gold… so it will not totter’.  ‘What the craftsman and goldsmith have made is then dressed in blue and purple – all made by skilled workers.’


As I read this chapter, and specifically these verses, I couldn’t help but to think of the lifestyle that has been crafted for the rich and famous – a lifestyle of glitz and glamour that is adorned with all this world has to offer.  It is ‘all made by skilled workers’. 


As there are many craftsmen and skilled workers who apply themselves to this task, I believe there is one craftsman and skilled worker that is behind it all.  From the beginning, the angle that satan uses to distract us from the life that God has for us, is one that tempts us to believe that something other than God will add to our lives.


By both blatant and subtle means, these craftsmen subvert God’s truth and His ways.  We are tempted to think by all that these craftsmen create, that what they create will lead to life.  But their ‘images are a fraud; they have no breath in them’. 


I couldn’t help but to think as I read of how active and effective satan’s craftsmen and skilled workers are, how much God’s craftsmen and skilled workers needed to apply themselves equally to their task.  As satan’s do all to subvert His ways and truth, His should be doing all to proclaim them. 


Help us Lord to ‘inquire of You’, that we might first possess for ourselves the life You have for all who know You.  Let that life be so in us that we would be able to proclaim with certainty and others would be able to see that all else is but a cheap imitation. 


John 1:4 ‘In Him was life, and that life was the light of men’.



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