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The Lies That Lead Astray


Seek ye first; hunger and thirst;

God’s truth that leads to life,

but lies speak too to lead astray;

they fill the soul with strife.


Pleasures pull and promise much

of all that they can add;

they show the glory and the good

and mention not the bad.


Riches tempt with things their prize,

our full pursuit we’ll give.

The lies they speak; our ears they hear;

‘Our All!’ that we might live.


We give our all in hopes to find

the life these lies proclaim,

but in the end down every road

is one and all the same.


Of all pursuits there’s only one

that leads to life that’s full.

Truth awaits the willing ear

when lies have lost their pull.


I am the way, the truth, the life,

the well for those who thirst;

reserved for those who’ll give their all,

for those who seek Me first.



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