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Jeremiah 24-25


Your ways are different than our ways.  You do things different than we would.  You think differently than we think.  We would think that You would deliver us from our enemies and as a result of that deliverance, we would be drawn closer to You.  But in Jeremiah’s day, the enemies were Your instrument to draw Your people closer.  We would think of captivity as Your abandonment, but to You, it was a place of building up and purifying.  The end result was that Your people, though it was but a few, would ‘return to You with their whole heart’.


Is that not the goal of any adversity we are submitted to?  And if we’re not careful, we can see it as God being against us; when in fact He is pursuing us.  He wants our all and will stop at nothing to get it.


After the children of Israel had spent 40 years in the wilderness, having had everything stripped away but God, the time finally came for them to cross the Jordan to begin taking the Promised Land.  Just when you think there is nothing else He can take, He brings out the flint knives – there’s just a little more flesh He wants to get rid of. 


Why didn’t He do this when they were on the other side of the Jordan, so that when they crossed they could get on with business?  Why did He wait until they were in enemy territory and vulnerable?  He wanted them to make no mistake.  He was their source and protection.  There was to be no confidence in the flesh.    


If He is taking and taking and taking, to where it seems He can take no more, He is pursuing us.  In His pursuit of us, we are stirred to pursue Him.  Our thinking suggests there is a purpose; that there is something He is preparing us for.  There may be but it is really incidental to His main goal.  His main goal is that He would find someone to commune with.  To a chosen few He gave this privilege.


I have always thought of it as us trying to find Him.  But I wonder in light of the multitudes who halfheartedly seek Him for the good He might bring to their lives, if He is not thrilled to find one who just wants Him.  If so, it would make sense that when He found such a person, that He would pursue them to the fullest?  Only those who are so driven can take it – only for a chosen few.





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