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Just A Little Spot


John 2:25 ‘He did not need man’s testimony about man.’


A few days ago I had my annual physical.  Though my doc said I was one of his healthier patients, there were a couple of little issues that needed attention; one was a small spot on my ear.  When He became aware of it, he said, ‘Oh, I can take care of that; I’ll burn it off’.  It was a very small spot; hardly even noticeable.  It wasn’t real serious, but just better to have it removed.  


I had another spot show up a few days before.  This one, the Lord showed me.  He must have surely said, even if just to Himself, ‘Oh, I can take care of that; I’ll burn it off’.  It was a very small spot; hardly even noticeable.  He could have left it.  It wasn’t really all that serious, but He too must have thought it would just be better to remove it.


I enjoy writing.  I like to record the thoughts I have from my time with God.  Ephesians 4:16 says, ‘From him, the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work’.  Writing is one of the means I feel God has given me to be a supporting ligament and I do my best to be faithful in that work.


My passion for God is at least on the upper end of the scale so I would at least think I would be considered on of His healthier patients.  But still there was this little spot.  In relation to my writing, it had gotten to where I was becoming anxious at times to post the things I had written.  Worse, I became anxious to receive feedback.


When I first started writing, it was in the form of journaling.  My writing was to God.  His approval was all I sought.  But then I started posting my writing for others to see.  The motive for doing so was good; I hoped it would be as helpful to others as it was to me.  But the desire for feedback, the desire for man’s approval, the need for ‘man’s testimony about man’ altered my focus.  I no longer ‘just’ sought God’s approval.   


It had ruined a good thing.  The Lord did not beat me over the head about it; He just showed me what had happened.  I quit posting for a while.  I had no desire to.  All I wanted was what I had lost.  It didn’t take long.  It wasn’t painful and it is much better.  I could possibly need future treatments, but at least for now, the spot is removed. 


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