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In most cases we don’t like bumps.  We prefer things to be smooth.  But with heart monitors, bumps are good.  A couple of nights ago, I sat watching the monitor that was hooked to my youngest brother.  Knowing that in the past 2 days the bumps had gone away twice, I was hoping I wouldn’t see it happen again. 


A week earlier he was in perfect health.  But for some unknown reason, at any given time, his heart would decide to not fire.  We were hours away from a surgery that would fix the problem, but until then he was dependent on the staff getting to him fast enough when one of these failures would occur.  Needless to say, family helped keep watch.  It had a good ending.


Usually we think of bumps as God’s way of getting our attention.  In this particular situation, it was the absence of bumps—a flat line—that got it.  We get along well, but we have let differences of opinion keep us from getting along even better.  In general, I have a narrower view toward life; he, a broader one.  


I noticed something about the differences . . . when it gets right down to living or dying, the narrower views get a little broader and the broader views get a little narrower.  In the middle is a pure love. 


Without a doubt, we have been affected by the experience.  I hope for both our sakes, and for the sake of others, the effect lasts beyond the immediate future.

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