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Building Docks


It’s the middle of the summer—a time that many, including myself, enjoy time at their favorite lake.  My favorite is Kentucky Lake.  Some friends of ours own a lake house there and occasionally we go over for the weekend. 


This particular weekend, we had gone over with another couple.  While sitting on the porch one morning, my friend had an observation about docks that I thought was pretty cool. 


Docks are built in the winter months.  There aren’t many people around in the winter months—not much activity.  The signs of life are few and far between.  Yet we know that just around the corner are the summer months when people will come to enjoy the life the lake offers.  Docks are access points which make that a little easier.


In the winter period when there is no one around—when there is little sign of life—we need to build docks.  When the summer months come, when people come looking for life, will we have a good dock that will make it easier for them to find it?


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