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Dos and don’ts, whether implied or specifically stated, are as much a part of most churches as the pews people set on in them.  As the world, more and more, is throwing off all restraints of right and wrong, a milder version of this ‘throwing off’ is filtering into the church as well.  People no longer want to be told what is right and wrong and some churches are in full agreement with the new mindset.


As we may rightfully be weary of some of the dos and don’ts churches and people have come up with, we need to be careful that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are commands that lead to life.  We are finally convinced that man’s dead end paths of dos and don’ts do not lead to God and that is good.  But if in our oversensitivity to not wanting anyone to tell us what right and wrong is, if we’re not careful, we can again miss the commands that lead to life.   


Jesus, who condemned the Pharisees for weighing people down with more rules than they could possibly live up to, did not consider it the same to inform the woman caught in adultery that she should go and sin no more.  He knew it was a command that led to life and that conversely, one that, if not heeded, would lead to death.


Whether new Christian, old, pastor or Jesus Himself, the abundant life that is available to us is directly related to our willingness to follow what God requires of us.  There are no shortcuts.  You can’t add to or take away.  It is what it is no matter who you are.


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