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John 21


What do you do when you have encountered Christ and He has yet to make it clear what His plans for you are?  Peter and the other disciples had seen Jesus since the resurrection.  It was exciting and all, but what did it mean to them personally.  So far, they didn’t know. 


When that is the case, what do you do?  You do what you’ve always done.  In Peter’s case, he said, “I’m going out to fish,” and a few of the other disciples went with him.  I’ve wondered at times if the Lord has something for me other than what I have always done.  But until He makes it clear, I do what I’ve always done.


Jesus could have called them in as soon as He showed up.  It says they had fished all night and caught nothing.  At this low point in their business venture, He could have called them.  Instead, to the men He would use to change the world, He first allows them to experience the benefit of following Him.


Who wouldn’t be ready for something else at a low point, but Jesus waits till they’ve had their highest.  At Peter’s highest, Jesus tells him what He wants him to do.  As many would be willing to follow at low point, Peter demonstrates that even when a business is at its highest point, it does not outweigh an invitation to do the Kingdom’s business.


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