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1 John 1:3


In the movie, Secondhand Lions, a teenage boy named Walter is dropped off against his will on the farm of two old has-been uncles, while his single mom ventures off to who knows where.  Supposedly the uncles have a fortune and Walters’s mom hopes they will grow to like him and leave their fortune to him/her. 


As you might expect, the relationship gets off to a pretty slow start, but over time the uncles begin to warm up to Walter.  They tell him about the glory years of their past; one of which was about a princess named Jasmine, who, though set to marry a prince, supposedly married one of the uncles instead. 


In light of the present age and condition of Walter’s uncles and the conflicting stories he is hearing from some of his uncles’ acquaintances, Walter is having a hard time knowing what to believe.


One night, he becomes determined to find out the truth.  He approached the uncle who had supposedly married Jasmine and asked simply, ‘What happened?  I have to know.  These stories, are they true?  Around mom, all I hear is lies; I don’t know what to believe.’ 


I wonder how many Christians are like Walter.  They have heard the real stories, but because of the present condition of the church and the conflicting stories from so many of the church’s acquaintances, they too are finding it hard to know what to believe.   


We all come to points in our lives where we ‘want’ to know if the stories are true, but to know for sure, we must, like Walter, come to the point where we are ‘determined’ to know if they are true.  We must come to the point where we have to know; to the point where we are tired of the lies that have kept us from knowing.


John said, “We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us”.  Walter’s uncles proclaimed what they had seen and heard. When Walter finally believed them, he entered into a fellowship with them. 


Years later, when his uncles finally died, Walter did inherit their fortune.  He also met another member of the fellowship—an Arabian prince.  This prince was the son of the prince that Jasmine was supposed to marry.  This prince, having heard all his life of the uncles’ unequaled courage, came to pay his respects.  It was one sweet meeting.


Though Walter believed his uncles stories, and enjoyed fellowship with them, meeting the prince sealed the deal.  It was proof of what Walter had chosen to believe years ago.  The day will come for us when our deal will be sealed.  Though we now enjoy fellowship, one day we will physically meet our Prince.  On that day we will see proof of what we have chosen to believe.  It will be one sweet meeting.


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