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A few days ago I was watching a documentary which included a clip about the early Americans who, against incredible odds, made their way out west.  Convinced that there was something better, they risked all to get there.


As I seem to be on a personal journey in my walk with God, where I am convinced that there is something better – convinced that we the church have settled for far too little – I wondered. . . are there any pioneers left that are willing to face this frontier?


In many cases, fields we see today were not always fields.  They were at one time cleared to become fields.  Over time, if the owner of the field does not stay on top of it, the edge of the woods can gradually creep in and eventually some of the cleared ground is lost. 


Has that not happened to the church?  Have we not given up ground to Satan’s lies and slight twists of the truth until the church no longer has the power that it should have?  Have we not allowed ourselves to be ‘dumbed down’ until our lives haven’t even the slightest hint of the abundance we claim we’re supposed to have?


There is a battle going on.  We’re not doing so good.  Are there any pioneers left who believe there is something better and are willing to risk all to obtain it?  The church needs you.

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