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A Little Good News

“The word of God came to John.”  I have had ‘the word of God’ come to me before.  It is unmistakable.  In the midst of a sea of my own thoughts that are as unstable as water itself, finally . . . His thoughts are heard.  It is exactly what is needed.  It is direction that can be counted on.  It firms up the unstable ground.  It is life.

This is the kind of word that came to John.  It firmed up what he was to do—what he was to say.  His words would be the beginning of the good news that would come to be known as the Gospel. 

First was a new means by which sin would be forgiven.  It had required the sacrifice of animals – the regular shedding of blood.  When someone sinned (did something that was contrary to what God required), to be forgiven for it, they would bring an offering to be sacrificed for atonement.

This new means, ‘repentance for the forgiveness of sins’, would accept Jesus’ offering – His one time shedding of blood – His one time sacrifice for atonement.  Can you imagine after thousands of years of bloody sacrifices, how good this new news would have been?      

But it didn’t stop there.  It is not just a better way to handle offenses; it is much needed help in life’s difficulties.  Valleys will be filled in, mountains and hills will be made low, crooked roads will be made straight, and rough ways made smooth. 

It does not mean He will take away your problems.  The valleys, mountains, crooked roads and rough ways will still be there; but knowing nothing is greater than what He can handle, that nothing is too hard that He cannot make a way, if you can stay focused to see the way He clears, it is the equivalent of filling in, bringing down, straightening and smoothing.

And there you have the Gospel (the good news) in a nutshell.  A better means has been provided for which offenses are paid for and forgiven.  Plus you can be assured of help through life’s difficulties.  If you can remember that nothing you face is greater than creating the sun and setting it place (think about that) you can have assurance that nothing you face is greater than what He can handle.  Would you not agree that that is indeed a little good news?

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