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At His Word

 In all my reading, pondering and writing, most days I feel that it is all for a purpose beyond myself.  Occasionally though, I will have a day like I had this past Sunday.  I felt like it was all for nothing; like it didn’t fit in.  It was paralyzing.

The next morning I saw in Luke 5, Simon who had worked all night and caught nothing, a leper, who because of his leprosy didn’t fit in, and one who was really paralyzed.  I couldn’t believe the parallel. 

At Jesus’ word, Simon’s work would finally pay off.  At Jesus’ word, the leper was healed and immediately fit in again.  At Jesus’ word, the one who was paralyzed stood up. 

The Lord used these stories to assure me when I was feeling that all was for nothing.  He used them to help me see how what I was doing would eventually fit in.  He used them to help me stand back up. 

We have a very real enemy that that is forever trying to steal, kill and destroy the work He is trying to accomplish in us.  But we also have a helper, and at His word, He speaks life back into us.  At His word, our work will finally pay off.

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