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As I am now a little older, feeling as though two thirds of my life may be over, I am looking a little harder at how to spend the final third.  I am taking a closer look at the Bible.  The ‘things’ that were important in the middle third, aren’t as important as they were then.  We are fortunate to have friends, but as I read this 7th chapter, I can’t help but to feel that our friendships do not go as deep as they should.

First, the centurion cared enough about one of his servants that he sent Jewish elders on his behalf to summon the help of Jesus.  Second, he had enough respect of the elders that they were willing to go.  Finally, he did the same with friends, asking them to go, and again they were friends enough that they went. 

This story caused me to consider: ‘Do I care as much about those who are closest to me as this centurion did his servant?’  ‘Do I care enough to summon Jesus’ help for them?’  ‘Am I that good a friend?’  ‘Do I have friends that care as much for me as his apparently did, that they would summon Jesus help for me?’  To borrow the words of a current popular song, “Am I a friend that a friend would like to have”?

After reading and pondering these thoughts, I spent my morning praying time praying for my friends.  It was a good time of praying.  We are all so wrapped up in our own little world that we can miss the world of our friends.  Even with our friends, things can still be an ‘imposition’; again to borrow a word from the same song.

Reading the rest of the chapter, is that not what Jesus did?  He took the time to enter other people’s worlds.  He took the time to know that the dead boy was the only son of this widow.  He stopped to enter and help her in her world.  He took the time to speak highly of John.  He took the time to be the honored dinner guest in the home of a Pharisee.  He took the time to recognize the woman who was broken and repentant.

There is room for improvement in this area of my life.  There is room to take a little more time, to enter a little more deeply, the world of my friends.  There is room to approach God a little more often on their behalf. 

Lord help me first to take the time, but as much if not more, help me to have something that is helpful when I do.

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