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There are two stories in Luke 8, that in spite of trying to move on from, more and more application keeps bringing me back.  The stories . . . the demon possessed man and the woman with the issue of blood.

In both stories, each had been in their situations for a long time, and neither they nor anyone else had been able to bring about the help or change that was needed.

Luke points out that the demon possessed man was ‘driven by the demon into solitary places’.  I thought it was interesting after he had pointed out several times before that Jesus often withdrew to solitary places to pray.  It occurred to me that God draws us to solitary places for our strength while Satan drives us into them for our destruction.

In regard to the woman with the issue of blood, Luke points out that the crowds were pressing against Jesus so much that they were about to ‘crush him’; which would mean they were touching Him.  But when she touched Him, power went out from Him.  I have been wrestling with this question for weeks, ‘Is my pressing through to touch Him causing power to go out from Him’? 

There are things in each of our lives that neither we nor anyone else has been able to change.  Whether with ourselves personally, our spouse, or a family member or friend, there are some things that only He can change.  The question I keep asking myself is this, ‘Should I not be pressing through to bring about that change?’, and if I am not, ‘Am I just part of the crowd?’

Have we sold the Lord short in what He is able to do?  Have we come to believe that He no longer intends to exorcise His power?  In the absence of this power, has the church fallen back on reform and put Christianity’s stamp on it?  Isn’t that still just reform?

Jesus did not work with the demon possessed man for 3 years; He healed him.  Immediately he was in his right mind.  He didn’t tell the woman with the issue of blood which doctor to go see; He healed her. 

I have lately been continually reminded of situation after situation that is helpless without the touch of God’s power.  I am challenged by these 2 stories and motivated by the one’s before me to become one through which His power can flow.

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