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Lake House

From the lighter side: written for a couple who’s lake house we spent the summer in while renovating it.

He cut a spot by the water’s edge
gave tranquil for its name;
those whose path would lead them there,
they will not leave the same.

The soothing sound that water makes
as it laps against the shore,
and the settling as you look across
that somehow helps restore.

The hustle fades as time is spent,
cares, they drift away;
in its place is a slowing down
and a compelling urge to stay.

Praise is due to two I think
for this setting that we see;
first the One who made it all
for our serenity.

And then the one who’s lake-house draws
us to these tranquil frames,
by removing all distractions
so we will not leave the same.

For if the lake-house has the things
that satisfy our whims,
the tranquil wonders might miss our eye
as things distract and dim.

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