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I’ve always wondered how Jesus was able to just speak, without huffing and puffing, and things happened. Demons were cast out; people were healed; the dead were raised; storms were calmed. Eventually He sent the 12 out and then the 72 who were able to do some of the same things. In fact it was when the 72 were telling of some of those things that Jesus makes this statement, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. It was as if He was saying, ‘that’s nothing’. What did He know that enabled Him to see it as nothing?

At one time, Satan was part of God’s kingdom. But he was cast out. Jesus was there when it happened. He was likely involved in casting him out. So with this fixed in His mind, He comes here to establish God’s kingdom on earth. It is much like a boat in water. The boat displaces water. Wherever the boat is, water is displaced. It can’t be everywhere; it can’t displace all the water. But wherever the boat is, water is not permitted to be.

It is in this mindset that Jesus comes. He was not able to displace Satan’s entire kingdom, but wherever He was, Satan’s kingdom was not permitted to be. He didn’t have to huff and puff. Having seen him fall, all He had to do was remind him of the fact. As Jesus went about, it was as simple as, ‘you cannot be where I am’.

Like the 12 and the 72, we have actually been given the same authority, but Satan huffs and puffs to convince us otherwise. In a sense, we are commanders not beggars. Not as much, ‘oh God heal’, or ‘oh God deliver’, but, ‘Satan, you are not permitted to remain in this situation’.

My praying lately is becoming more of a mix of the above. There is some asking and some telling. The results have not been as much a dramatic change as a gradual turn. But in seeing the gradual turn, I am seeing Satan fall. I am seeing that he cannot remain where God’s kingdom is being established. I can’t displace him everywhere, but where I am, I am seeing him displaced.

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