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Of Faith’s Foes

I read a quote on ‘faith’ today,
and trouble’s we are due;
it’s not so much to get us ‘round,
but more to get us through.

When trouble looms—impending doom
and no way out we see;
faith’s the guide that leads us through –
what each our steps should be.

‘Doubt’ the foe that blinds the eye
to faith’s impending light;
‘impatience’ then the driving foe
that keeps us in our night.

‘Normal’ the pervasive foe;
to discourage is its goal.
‘Who are you to trust in faith;
you’re just a ‘normal’ soul.’

What list of foes would be complete
without the dreadful . . . ‘fear’;
the constant sound, ‘He’ll not come through’
that’s ringing in our ear.

But faith’s illum’ning light still shines,
though foes may endless be;
to light our path when darkness reigns,
that His way we can see.

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