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The economy has changed our way of living. We do less and have less than we did when times were good, but somehow we lack nothing and are richer than we ever have been. Life on the edge can be exciting in more ways than one. It is a great place from which to see God do some pretty cool stuff, but occasionally I still wish we were a little further away from the edge.

A week or so ago as I approached my praying time, a part of me wanted to pray for the Lord to provide our needs. The more I thought about it, they were really our wants; as legitimate as they were, they were still wants. I had prayed for them before (hoping to get a little further away from the edge) but God has always chosen instead to ‘dole’ out His provision. So instead, I asked the Lord for whatever He would gladly give.

I recently started a jail ministry with a friend of mine who has been doing it for years. The last couple of weeks the Lord has blessed me with an ability to express verbally, what I have only before been able to express in writing. I have sensed His help as never before. Last night, as the evening seemed to be going very well, at the end, 3 guys decided they wanted to be a Christian. I believe the Lord gladly gave us last night.

Lately as I have prayed, overall, instead of praying for our need/wants, I have had the sense that nothing is too hard for Him. If He wanted to lift us away from the edge He could. The day that I was tempted to pray for it and didn’t, I later had this thought about it. I had wanted to pray for things that I might be secure. Later that day I remembered, ‘I have Him who owns all things’.

It is one thing for us guys to live on the edge. We can handle it. But for the sake of a wife and family, we desire for them the security they long for. There is that ying and yang—trusting and hoping that we can’t completely shake. We are all learning. We are all so much further along in trusting than we ever were. My wife amazes me sometimes. Sometimes she is the strong one.

We received a card a couple of days ago that will likely settle next to one we have had on display now for about 3 years. The cover of the 3 year old card reads: ‘When God closes one door, He opens another’. Inside is the tagline, ‘But it’s hell in the hallway’.

The one we just got is as if God Himself wrote just for us. On the cover . . .
The source of your strength is His strength.
The focus of your faith is His faithfulness.
The source of your security is His everlasting love.
Inside . . .
Gen. 18:4 Is anything too hard for the Lord?
and . . .
The provision for the need you face will be met through His incredible resources.

His resources are truly endless. I believe He delights to give to those who trust Him.

Thanks Deb for the card.

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