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As much as I don’t want to, I know I need to move on past these first 5 chapters of Acts. This short lived period of the church without problems is getting ready to come to an end. You see, there were people in it. And that is the dynamic (problems) that people bring when they come into the church. For this brief period though, they were so full of the Holy Spirit that problems were drowned out.

But who can stay full? Who can always be 100%? Maybe we average 75% with occasional surges of up to 90% or 95%. Being honest about my life as a Christian during my first 30 years, I might could say I averaged 40% or maybe 50%. There were some 75% times but they were offset by some 20% and some flat out 0% times. But the in the past 6 years, I have definitely improved my average.

Ananias and Saphira, in a bit of a depression became greedy. In their downward turn, they dipped even lower by lying. The Grecian Jews were in a slump when they complained that their widows were not getting the attention that other widows were getting. And even Stephen, who was obviously considered to be full of the Holy Spirit, sagged just a bit one day and he got sucked into an argument. That one little moment cost, not only him, but the entire church dearly.

And now, is that not what the rest of the New Testament is filled with. The gospel is shared and people’s lives are changed. But they’re not made perfect; they’re made better. And as they gave themselves to the Apostles teachings, like Paul who pressed toward the mark – who pressed to stay full – they were improving their average.


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