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You’ve seen the bag of liquid hanging by the hospital bed. It is set to dispense – drip by drip – the fluids a body needs while being cared for. I thought of this in relation to a blogging friend of mine. Every day, she posts something simple that she gets from reading God’s word. Drip by drip, day by day she is getting the vital nutrients which her spirit needs. Little by little, as she stays connected to this source of life, His life – His nature – flows into and becomes her life – her nature.

It is exactly what Jesus was saying in John 15. He is the vine; we are the branches. Apart from Him we can do nothing. When we remain connected, drip by drip, His life flows into ours.

Below is part of her post – the one I was reading when I had this thought. (My favorite, which I printed and read from time to time, is ‘Wind and Wave Obey’)

“And they watched Him closely, whether He would heal him on the Sabbath, so that they might accuse Him.” Mark 3:2

“How could the amazing truth that Jesus would restore this man’s withered hand completely escape their notice? How much do I miss when I get into critical mode?”

Drip . . . drip . . . drip, and over time we are changed.

Post-script: I have developed a habit of looking up the proper definitions to words that come to mind when I write. This morning, after having looked over this piece I had written the day before, I wrote the following line in my journal. ‘You have instilled in me, not only an appreciation for Your word, but an awareness that little by little, drip by drip, we are changed by it’.

Webster’s definition of the word ‘instill’ is, ‘to infuse slowly into the mind or feelings; to put in drop by drop’.

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