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Chances are you’ve built a campfire or two.  You start with small stuff to get it going and then add more and bigger pieces of wood.  Before long you can have a pretty good fire.  In the course of an evening, you might add wood several times to keep a good fire.  As long as you add, it will stay blazing.

Have you ever noticed by morning, when the fire is gone, that if you stir around in the ashes there are usually enough coals left to get another fire going?  Add a few sticks, then a few pieces of wood and before you know it, you’ve got a good morning campfire.

Has there ever been a time in your life when all that was left of your believing was a few smoldering coals buried beneath the ashes of a fire that once burned hot for God?  Has your ‘believing God’ died down to a ‘believing in God’?

I read recently that there are certain times in people’s lives that they are more mindful of God than normal.  I don’t remember the entire list, but the birth of a child was there; a tragic event like 9/11 was pretty high on the list.  But #1 was the Christmas season.

When I first had the thought of writing this, I thought of it from the perspective of what we can do – need to do – to get our fires burning for God again.  But I thought when I saw these statistics that it is not just all on us.  God Himself comes to stir.  He uses these times to stir around in the ashes that are left of our believing.  He exposes the embers – fans them – hoping to rekindle our fire.

My prayer this morning, as it is now in the heart of the Christmas season, is that while there is this stirring, some would be compelled to keep a fire.  To do so, one must simply add wood on a regular basis.  It is really just that simple.  The word of God is our wood.  It is like a consuming fire.  Add enough and you will burn for God.




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