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Just to let you know . . . I intend to begin a new emphasis with my blogging. It will be geared mainly to the inmates, who when they get out, would like to continue keeping in touch. In addition, it will be for the wives, girlfriends and otherwise significant people, who might have an interest in what the guys are hearing. Lastly, but certainly not least, it will be for other jail/prison ministry workers. My hope is that the posts would stimulate good dialogue that would be real and helpful to all who participate.

In some cases my initial posts could be longer than the typical blog post as it will be the actual presentation that I give to the guys. Down the road, guys who get out, if interested, can read the latest presentation. There wives, etc. can hear the current ones.

I have enjoyed coresponding with them through the old art of letter writing. I tell them that if they will write me, I will write them back. Quite a few have taken me up on it. I see this as a means by which others can benefit from the corespondence.

I write this today to forwarn any who are already a blogging friend, why my posts may be longer than normal. If it ineterest you to follow along I would love to have you. If not, as I am the worlds worst at bypassing long posts, I will understand. Right now, it is just an idea. It may not work but you never know til you try.

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