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In Israel’s history of kings, some led them toward God and some led them away. In Hosea’s time, it was bad. God’s holy people were given to prostitution, adultery and other evil deeds.

How did it get that way? How did we get the way we are? How did we get to the point that we have a transgender bathroom issue? When good people do nothing, without the restraint, evil will flourish. And when it does, it will make life miserable for the good people who did nothing.

North Carolina’s government is trying to do something. They took a stand and evil thinking is making their life miserable. Concerts are canceling. Corporations, reportedly, are threatening to pull out of the state. They are paying an unpleasant price.

Why can’t the good people in our country be as organized for good as those who are organized for evil? Why can’t we make their life miserable? What if the groups that canceled concerts in North Carolina felt the sting of small crowds in other states? Target has come out in support of it. What if Target felt the sting of almost empty parking lots? (I intend to let them know – politely – that we will not be shopping there.)

In Hosea’s day, good people had done so little restraining for so long that evil had made life miserable. I like his line: “In their misery, they will earnestly seek me.” In these miserable times, let us seek him for what we might do.



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