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There is nothing new under the sun. Even in Isaiah’s day, there were those who called evil good and good evil. It is going on today at an accelerated pace. This last one over the bathrooms has, it seems, pushed to a point of absurdity that we have finally decided was unacceptable.

I pray for the government of North Carolina; that the Lord would give them success as they take a stand, as now the DOJ has filed suit against them. North Carolina could to loose 1 to 2 billion in federal funding – over a bathroom issue. They seem as hell bent on making North Carolina pay as they do in seeing that Hillary Clinton doesn’t. Imagine that.

Isaiah said God would “cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by a spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire”. I’m not sure how that will actually happen in our government, but it is without a doubt in need of happening. From the injustice of granting a woman the right to choose, when that choice results in the sacrifice of a human life, to the injustice of allowing Hillary Clinton to remain unscathed in spite of her blatant disregard for law, to this latest bathroom issue; our government is in need of a cleansing. I pray their day is coming.

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