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A Deafening Silence

Forgetting God is a subtle . . . and gradual . . . thing. As I sit here this morning, I would say that I am not guilty of forgetting God, but my journal testifies against me. There have been years where my time with God (my reading and subsequent journaling) has resulted in 4 – 5 journals. At the pace I am on right now, the one I am currently in could almost last an entire year. Have I forgotten God? No way. I have this current journal to prove it. But this same journal also proves that I have to an extent.

Isaiah spoke of a people that had “forgotten God their Savior”. They “had not remembered their Rock, their fortress”. I would suspect, like myself, they would argue that they had not forgotten Him. Knowing how subtle and gradual the forgetting happens, there must surely be trickles of remembrance, sufficient for our minds to believe we haven’t forgotten Him. From what Isaiah says about them, they were further along in their forgetting than I, and God was letting them know the consequences.

Of another group, similar problem, comes this staggering thought; I can’t quit thinking about it. It is God’s response to them. “I will remain quiet.” With impending plans of judgment . . . silence. It makes me wonder of us today. His silence allows us the luxury of assuming acceptance. It may very well not be the case.



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