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The Craving of God

Though it can’t be said that God needs anything, I believe it can be said that there is something that He craves. From the beginning of creation, He has craved . . . love. He hand picked Abraham to begin a nation of people that would love Him. He chose Moses to lead that nation out of Egypt—displaying His ability to protect and provide—in hopes that they would love Him. He helped them take the Promised Land, in hopes that they would love him. When they didn’t, He disciplined them, in hopes that they would realize they had stopped loving Him. Through the Judges—their doing evil and forgetting Him; through the Kings—some leading them away from Him and some leading them towards Him; He simply wanted them to love Him.

Though His chosen people had been a disappointment, still, He craved love; and with one final effort He has extended the invitation to all humanity. Through His only Son, all have been invited. All are loved and have been invited to love.

Satan would twist it to make all about the rules. Rules have their place, but I believe it is first about love. If you love God with all your heart, the rules will settle out; and until they do—fortunately—His love covers a multitude of sins. Because of His love, He waits; His craving for ours . . . compels Him.



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