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From John 3: The First Gift

It makes sense that God would have a heart for people. More than any other thing he created, he both loved and craved the love of people.

He poured his all into Adam and Eve; and eventually they disappointed him. He poured his all into a nation; and over and over they too disappointed him.

And so, still loving and craving to be loved, he opened it to the whole world. He made a way and came personally to tell of it. He brought this Light – this Good News – to the whole world.

“I have paid the price that you might one day be with me. Because of the love I have for you, I have made this way. To anyone in the world who wishes to love me – to know me – know that I love you. Believe in this way that I have made and I will be thrilled.”



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Light of Men

​From John 1:1-4: In the beginning, Jesus was with God. He was present the day man was made. He was life; and man was made in light of that life–with that life clearly in mind. 

To men (in guy language): the number of cylinders we are hitting on will depend on how observant we are of his life. 

“His life was the light of men.”

PS (I know I’m short, but by observing as much as I do, I am better than I otherwise would be.)

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From My Latest Book

For Jesus, in John 17, “the time had come”. Knowing that going back to heaven was just around the corner, in his conversation with his Father, he refers to the glory he had there. Also, he says this, “I am coming to you now and I want those you have given me to be with me where I am.”
This is the word . . . and . . . the heart of God.
The Streets He Walked
The streets He walked were made of gold;
stepped down to dirt and stone.
That we might one day be with Him,
left angels round the throne.
The light of heaven came to us
with truth to light our way.
To any who believed in Him,
with Him they’d ever stay.
With Him to walk the streets of gold,
forever in His light;
then we the ones around His throne,
then we our God in sight.
PS: As we approach Christmas, be reminded of the incredible gift of heaven. And maybe the best part . . . we will see and be with God.

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A Steady Immeasurable Flow

From John 15 & 16: Love the transition between these two chapters. It is the key to having a heart for God . . . consistently.

Jesus was ready to leave this world. The entire 15th chapter is this key he knows they will need. It’s not complicated. It simply takes time. On a regular basis, we must connect. “Abide” as he says 10 times.

And then the transition that I believe is the natural result of doing it . . . “I have told you these things that you will not go astray.” Do it and maintain your passion for God. Neglect it and see what other passions surface.

I saw a small line of water on a basement floor the other day. It’s source? An almost undetectable flow through a hairline crack in a concrete wall. The steady flow of water, though seemingly immeasurable and insignificant, did actually result in an amount that was measurable.

Where we abide, what we feed into our minds, may seem a little insignificant; but the steady flow of it will have a measurable result.



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