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The Craving of God

I have been in the first 8 chapters for 6 weeks. I kept having the sense that there was more God wanted to show me so I have read and reread these chapters. I especially had that sense about Noah. I kept thinking about all that he went through to build the ark and that it would lead somewhere . . . and it did.

God started with a ‘heaven on earth’ setting. He had two people that he could walk and converse with. By the time we get to Noah – 1,500 hundred years later – “all the people on earth had corrupted themselves”. Noah was the only one, “blameless among the people of his time”, that chose to “walk with God”.

If God “hovered over the waters” of the earth, devising a way to bring life into it, is it any wonder that he could hover over it once again to devise a way to preserve that life while he destroyed the part of it that had become corrupted? Once again, the waters would cover the earth. Through Noah’s toil and hard labor, a means was provided.

At an appointed time, God will once again destroy this corrupted world. Through the toil and hard labor of Jesus, a means has been provided to preserve the good. God will finally get what he has craved from the beginning of all creation – people in the purest setting with whom he will be able to walk and converse with.


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