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The Hope of Glory

Before sin entered the picture, God enjoyed walking and conversing with Adam and Eve. It was as He had intended and hoped for. It would be 1500 years before someone else came along that would give Him this pleasure. Evidently Noah chose God. He had a heart for God. As a result, God enjoyed walking with him.

With that hope, once again in mind, He started over with just Noah and his family. Later, He would try again with Abraham. With that hope in mind, He singled out a people to care for in hope that they would choose Him.

Finally, and again with that hope in mind, He came Himself. This time, He provided a means – forgiveness – by which any who would choose to accept it would have the opportunity to walk with Him. Forgiveness is not the end; it is the beginning of what He hopes for.

Forgiveness is the point of conception by which a new nature is born in us. This new nature, if fed and nourished properly, will do in us what we could never do for ourselves. Neglected, the new nature withers and will never reach the point of life to which the conception was supposed to lead.

But the hope that it will, is and forever will be, “The Hope of Glory”.



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