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The jungle gym I made for my granddaughters was to be a place where we could all enjoy together. We would enjoy watching them play and they would enjoy us as they played. 

I believe that might not be too far from an accurate picture of what God had in mind when He created the world. With us in mind, He created what He knew we would enjoy. Always intended as a place where we could all enjoy together. He would enjoy watching us play and we would enjoy Him as we played. 

It would not be good if I turned and made the jungle gym off limits. Neither would it be good if the girls turned and made us off limits while they played. It was made be enjoyed together. 

I know there are exceptions to every thought, but does it make sense that God would create all things for our enjoyment and then turn and make them off limits? Unless we make God off limits, I don’t believe He will.  

“When the plowman plows, he does so in hopes of sharing in the harvest.” As I labored to build the jungle gym, my reward is the time I get with the girls; God’s reward in creation . . . His time with us.  

We are His reward.



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