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Thank You Lord

I believed the lies for far too long;

they seemed like truth to me.

Ignored the warnings ‘long the way;

was blind but now I see.


I see the truth so clearly now;

You’ve open up my eyes.

What seemed so right just yesterday’

I now can see were lies.


Lies designed to keep us from

the life You had in mind;

distractions to a dead end road

I’ve traveled many times.


Oh what peace it finally brings

to stand on solid ground;

no more traps and wanderings –

was lost but now I’m found.


Thank You Lord for reaching me;

You could have let me go.

My heart is full for what You’ve done;

I just had to let You know,


Oh what peace it finally brings

to stand on solid ground;

no more traps and wanderings –

was lost but now I’m found.




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My Light Will Set You Free

I hovered o’er your lifeless world –

envisioned what could be;

to rid the dark and empty depths,

was light that made it flee.


Angels gathered ‘round my throne;

they offered ceaseless praise.

Still a void – one thing I missed,

for one to choose my ways.


So in it all I thought of you –

you would get to choose.

I knew ahead that some would win

I knew that some would lose.


I’d hover o’er your lifeless world –

and envision what could be;

to rid your dark and empty depths,

send light to set you free.


It’s up to you, the choice is yours,

I will not force my way.

But in it all I thought of you

and hoped I’d hear you say:


I’m sorry that it took this long –

I now can see my need.

Rid my dark and empty depths –

For your light I plead.

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Another day, his lunch in hand,

quick kiss across his cheek.

She’ll tend the kids and try to clean;

he’ll work to make ends meet.


Saturday his day to mow

and watch the kids a bit;

they’ll do their chores and tidy things;

he’ll cook when the grill is lit.


Sunday all the work will cease;

they’ll enjoy a day of rest.

They’ll all get dressed and find their place

and hear of what is best.


On this day they set themselves

for what the week may bring.

With spirits high and anchors deep

they let their voices sing.


They know from whom their help comes from;

they will not let that slide.

When all of hell is thrown their way,

it’s in His strength they hide.


One final word to you, oh man,

when the sweet is lost in strife,

steady your aim and don’t lose sight;


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When the Rooster Crows

When the rooster crows and the hammer falls
it’s a little late by then.
What’s done is done and all that’s left
is to humbly confess our sin.

First offense, second and third,
and still we click along;
but the rooster crows and the hammer falls,
and then we see our wrong.

Peter could have seen it first,
before his second err’;
but even then he saw no wrong
after a third he had no care.

Even then his mind was set,
no guilt he felt at all.
But just like that the rooster crowed
and he saw the hammer fall.

Sometimes it takes an aggressive bit
to bring the horse in line;
but the hope is that a gentle touch
of the reigns would work just fine.

I like a Psalm that David wrote;
‘Be not like the mule.
Unless controlled by bit and reign,
they will not come to you.’

Catch yourself before the sound
of the rooster’s awak’ning call,
before the pull upon the reigns,
before the hammer’s fall.

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I wanted much to write a song,

but the words would never come along.

The only ones that came to mind,

was a chorus from another time.


It said exactly what I thought –

words that someone else had wrought.

Our minds can eat us up at times –

convinces our demise –

but all along the downward turn

is fueled by nothing more than lies.


I read a Psalm the other day

where David’s mind was quite a mess.

He finally stopped and went to God –

God showed him what he’d missed –

enough to put him back on track;

enough to lift him from his pit.


So then the words from long ago

that tells us where to turn;

when life has pressed us in the dirt;

oh, that we would learn.


“Oh, what peace we often forfeit,

Oh, what needless pain we bear,

All because we do not carry

Everything to God in prayer.”


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