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When the Rooster Crows

When the rooster crows and the hammer falls
it’s a little late by then.
What’s done is done and all that’s left
is to humbly confess our sin.

First offense, second and third,
and still we click along;
but the rooster crows and the hammer falls,
and then we see our wrong.

Peter could have seen it first,
before his second err’;
but even then he saw no wrong
after a third he had no care.

Even then his mind was set,
no guilt he felt at all.
But just like that the rooster crowed
and he saw the hammer fall.

Sometimes it takes an aggressive bit
to bring the horse in line;
but the hope is that a gentle touch
of the reigns would work just fine.

I like a Psalm that David wrote;
‘Be not like the mule.
Unless controlled by bit and reign,
they will not come to you.’

Catch yourself before the sound
of the rooster’s awak’ning call,
before the pull upon the reigns,
before the hammer’s fall.


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