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Another day, his lunch in hand,

quick kiss across his cheek.

She’ll tend the kids and try to clean;

he’ll work to make ends meet.


Saturday his day to mow

and watch the kids a bit;

they’ll do their chores and tidy things;

he’ll cook when the grill is lit.


Sunday all the work will cease;

they’ll enjoy a day of rest.

They’ll all get dressed and find their place

and hear of what is best.


On this day they set themselves

for what the week may bring.

With spirits high and anchors deep

they let their voices sing.


They know from whom their help comes from;

they will not let that slide.

When all of hell is thrown their way,

it’s in His strength they hide.


One final word to you, oh man,

when the sweet is lost in strife,

steady your aim and don’t lose sight;


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