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It is a cool image here as the psalmist refers to those, “who have set their hearts on pilgrimage”. Possibly from captivity back to the Promise Land, they would travel through the desert to get there. They would make the journey in the fall when the, “autumn rains would cover it with pools”. And so, “They go from strength to strength” – from pool to refreshing pool – “till each appears before God in Zion.”

What a picture of our own pilgrimage toward God. From strength to strength, whether from Sunday message to Sunday message or our own daily time with God, in them we get what we need to keep us going. Can you imagine trekking through the desert and passing up these pools? Or making the journey at a time when the pools would not be there? They were critical to the success of the journey. They are critical to the success of our own.

These posts are an example of the strengths I get in my daily time with God – the things I see that help me in my pilgrimage. I put what I see in writing because I enjoy writing. I put what I have written in these posts, in hopes that it will be one source of strength in a string of other strengths that some would find helpful in their own pilgrimage.



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