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Remember the Change

I remember when I saw your light
and the change that came to be.
A whole new hope in life arose –
the thought of you with me.

Former things lost appeal.
My thoughts were all of you.
In a moment’s time, my heart was changed.
The old gave way to new.

A honeymoon in every sense,
where nothing can distract.
But life sets in; the new wears off;
and you try to get it back.

This is where the work begins.
It’s where we have to choose,
to fall back on the former things
or press so not to lose.

The change sets us on our way –
it points to what can be.
To have it is a gift at first;
to keep it is on me.

Remember what you saw at first
and the change in you it made.
Remember what you saw at first
when the change begins to fade.

Remember what you did at first
when love first changed your heart.
“Do the things you did at first”
and from them don’t depart.



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