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At our grand girls year end school event, we were led in the pledge to the Bible, which contains the line, “I will make it a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

When I read my Bible, I often see things that stand out and feel that is God’s way of directing my thoughts. It really is, ‘Light for My Path.” It is especially light for my praying. And lately, I’ve been doing a fair amount for our nation. I tell my wife sometimes that I have been slaying dragons.

From 1 Kings 22, I saw where God was looking for a way to get rid of an evil king that was leading his people astray. A spirit stepped forward and said, how about I entice him with lies through all his prophets. God liked it and said, “Go and do it.”

So, the spirit enticed Ahab’s prophets to believe a lie. Ahab believed them, went into battle, and God got rid of his evil king.

When I read that story, it gave me light for my praying. I could see where God may have used a similar tactic to get rid of the evil players that has been leading our nation astray with lies. If God didn’t like it then, my guess is he does not like it now. It was his leading, not mine. And I will say I followed it. I prayed we would see their deserved end.


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There is at least one similarity between Christianity and the religion of Islam. Both want people to believe their message. But where one is a gracious offer, the other is an ultimatum.

It all started with Abraham. God picked him to begin a nation. The problem is he had two sons. Both began a nation. The Bible contains the record of one nation while the Koran contains the record of the other. This all happened before the ‘everyone gets a trophy’ craze. Only one nation was declared the winner.

The resentment began immediately and for thousands of years, it has brewed into a deep hatred. The losing side intends to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs. It calls for the annihilation of the other team and anyone associated with them.

All God ever wanted was a people that he could care for and be loved by. But in spite of all he did they kept forgetting him. After a 2,000 year pattern, he extended the invitation to anyone in the world. Forever a loving God, when he could rightfully wash his hands of us all, he continues his gracious offer.

Islam’s offer comes with an ultimatum. Join them in their fight or die. Their ways remind me of a verse. ‘Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy; but God came that we might have life.’ I believe their god is Satan. They are not a peace loving people.

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