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As Luke is trying to produce an orderly account of the beginning of Christianity, part of it is in establishing that God did it.  Similar to how the writer of Genesis handles the account of creation; it is not as much his intent to prove, in order to persuade the unbeliever, as much as to proclaim in order to assure the believer.

The writer of Genesis establishes in just one verse the state of things at the time of creation.  “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters”.  It is a bleak picture, but by the end of the chapter the picture has changed, and the believer comes away with one thing; the assurance that ‘God did it’.

Luke paints a similar picture in his first chapter.  We know that Elizabeth will have a son, but Luke makes it clear that she has never been able to in spite of repeated unsuccessful efforts.  Likewise, we know that Mary will have a son, but Luke makes it clear that she has never tried to have one – she shouldn’t have one.  So once again the believer comes away with one thing; ‘God did it’.

Luke knew – God knew – that our believing would need help.  Much like a fire that needs wood on a regular basis; without it, it can be reduced to a few smoldering embers buried beneath a pile of ash.  Our believing needs help; without it, it can get buried beneath the bleakness of life. 

So no matter how formless, empty and dark your world may be; no matter how many unsuccessful efforts there have been to change them, be reminded this Christmas season when you think of the birth of Jesus, that God specializes in impossible situations.  Be assured in your own situation that ‘God can do it’.


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