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Is It Any Wonder


Is it any wonder that He knows

the steps that I should take?

He goes ahead to clear the way,

a path for me to make.


He alone knows where I’m bound

and how to get me there;

to follow close and listen well,

this my only care.

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God’s Consuming Fire


We think we are clean till fire is applied.

It magnifies all that hasn’t died.

It burns away sin throughout our test;

it’s His require before His best.


We’re used to His patience, His love and His grace,

but in the fire He hides His face.

Instead of mercy, seems mean and cruel;

we’ve now come under a different rule.


His sights are set on what is best,

good no longer His aim;

He stokes and pokes and throws on the coal,

and increases both heat and flame.


Once the fire has burned away

all that had not died,

a flood of grace is ushered in

as He shows up at our side.


The fire still continues to burn

but not to cleanse our sin;

where once it was there to burn away,

now it burns Him in.

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A friend has passed and now he knows;

he sees the other side.

He wishes now that you could see;

will you let him now confide?


Before your time to leave this earth,

while yet you still remain;

I beg of you to catch a glimpse

of eternity’s domain.


Do you believe in heaven and hell?

I mean really—do you believe?

I see the splendor round the throne;

that hell has no reprieve;


the streets of gold that some will walk;

the fire that never dies;

in one the tears will be no more,

the other endless cries.


Please for your sake I beg of you,

give thought to what I’ve seen.

Don’t wait as I until your here

because of earthly dreams.


They don’t compare to what’s in store

and none are worth your soul;

please for your sake I beg of you,

yield more to God’s control.


You still have time to change your course

as long as you remain,

but first you have to catch a glimpse

of eternity’s domain.

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You’ve tried it all again and again

in hopes of finding life;

now here you are, you’ve reached your end

and all you’ve found is strife.


You’ve done your best to get it right

but still real life evades;

you’re warn and weary of the fight

and the messes you have made.


You may be saved but your mind is lost,

can’t feel or see His face;

you stand in need in tempest tossed

of His amazing grace.


It’s at your worst you see His best,

His love so undeserved;

and yet again He offers rest,

and yet again you’ve heard.


This time you cry, ‘Your plan for me

that I might truly live.

Help me Lord that I might see

the life You died to give’.

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The Lies That Lead Astray


Seek ye first; hunger and thirst;

God’s truth that leads to life,

but lies speak too to lead astray;

they fill the soul with strife.


Pleasures pull and promise much

of all that they can add;

they show the glory and the good

and mention not the bad.


Riches tempt with things their prize,

our full pursuit we’ll give.

The lies they speak; our ears they hear;

‘Our All!’ that we might live.


We give our all in hopes to find

the life these lies proclaim,

but in the end down every road

is one and all the same.


Of all pursuits there’s only one

that leads to life that’s full.

Truth awaits the willing ear

when lies have lost their pull.


I am the way, the truth, the life,

the well for those who thirst;

reserved for those who’ll give their all,

for those who seek Me first.



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When Each Do Their Part


God gives gifts

to strengthen and build,

His plan for His church

to know His will.


He gives teachers and preachers

and singers and poets

for the spreading of truth

in their way to show it.


Men and women

will sit at His feet

to learn from Him

what they might speak.


He gives helpers and givers

and encouragers too;

there are those who pray

and care and do.


All works together

when He’s in command

and all do their part

as He had planned.


Whatever your strength,

do all to know it.

It’s a God given gift

for His church to grow it.


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Do I Hear the Banquet Call


I wonder is the banquet set;

is the time now full at hand?

Is He sending now His servants

to call throughout the land?


His call goes out for all to come,

though many will not hear;

with good excuse they’ll miss it all,

will later shed a tear.


The stops are pulled, no holds are barred,

the call rings louder still;

‘We still have room’ the servant says,

‘I want My banquet filled’.


Oh hear the call that rings today,

for it may not ring again.

Don’t walk away when He calls for you

and miss what could have been.


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