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The Gift of Grace

The party was just days away,
it would have been her first;
and now to us the gift of grace
helps us through the worst.

This ripping hole so few can know,
yet You who lost a Son;
will help us by the gift of grace
until our days are done.

We’ll long to see our little girl –
there’ll never be a day
that we won’t need the gift of grace
to help along the way.

Enjoy her Lord, as we sure did,
now she is in Your care.
Bestow in her the gift of grace
until we both get there.


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Silver Bells

The Silver Bell

In 1510, when the tower of St. James’ Church was first erected, three silver bells were hung in it.  Their peals are rung on special occasions such as royal births, coronations and deaths.

In 1540 England, for the annual horse race at Chester, a silver bell was given to the winner in lieu of an embellished wooden ball that had been given prior.


Silver Bells


Silver bells from bridals hung –

adorn for all to see;

they remind of former races won –

the prize for victory.

Silver bells at Christmas hang –

adorn for all to see;

they remind us of the race He won –

the prize for you and me.

Silver bells from towers rung –

to warn, announce, and call;

with resonate sound their peals rang out –

their message was to all.

Silver bells at Christmas ring –

to rouse the slumb’ring ear;

they call to all who hear the sound –

the need to love is here.

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