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A friend has passed and now he knows;

he sees the other side.

He wishes now that you could see;

will you let him now confide?


Before your time to leave this earth,

while yet you still remain;

I beg of you to catch a glimpse

of eternity’s domain.


Do you believe in heaven and hell?

I mean really—do you believe?

I see the splendor round the throne;

that hell has no reprieve;


the streets of gold that some will walk;

the fire that never dies;

in one the tears will be no more,

the other endless cries.


Please for your sake I beg of you,

give thought to what I’ve seen.

Don’t wait as I until your here

because of earthly dreams.


They don’t compare to what’s in store

and none are worth your soul;

please for your sake I beg of you,

yield more to God’s control.


You still have time to change your course

as long as you remain,

but first you have to catch a glimpse

of eternity’s domain.

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