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In these first few chapters of Acts, we see a brief period of the church’s beginning that is similar to the brief period in Genesis of man’s beginning. In Acts, God so poured out His spirit that sin was drowned out; . . . sin has a way of not staying drowned out doesn’t it?

Technically speaking, sin can be drowned out again, just like it was here in Acts, and just like it was in the Garden before the fall. It’s not that it can’t be done; it’s just that it requires a price that most of us are not willing to pay. The 120 from Acts paid it. Jesus in the Garden paid it. But most of us just are not willing to. So at best, at least for most, we just get close.

I am a recently converted idealist. In fact it is so recent, that a few days ago when I first wrote this, I wrote it from an idealist’s perspective. An idealist sees the ideal and anything less doesn’t count. It’s all or none. But in the past few days, the Lord has helped me see that instead of just all or none, most or some count too.

When I first wrote this, my conclusion as an idealist, was that when we are willing to make God’s business priority, like Jesus and these first 120 did, then and only then will we see what they saw. That really is still true. This new way of looking at things doesn’t change that fact. Some will press through. Some will see these things. It just accepts the fact that most will at best just see some portion of these things.

Years ago I tried playing the guitar. I could strum a chorus or two but that was about it. After a while, I gave it up. Some didn’t. Some stayed with it. They paid the price and some got to be pretty good. Some got to be very good and some are known all over the world as being the best. They all made it priority. They all learned to play. Some may have become more accomplished than others, but all, because they made it priority, became guitar players. They are all part of a group that did not quit. By pressing toward the ideal, they achieved a part of it and have are varying degrees of evidence to show for it.

I will still press toward the ideal. This is not an excuse to let up. It is a realistic approach to the pressing. It is not just all or nothing. Most or some count too. As long as it is priority, I am part of a group that has not quit. I may never reach the ideal, but I will achieve part of it and there will at least be some degree of evidence to show for it.


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